Boerboel Europe and its members are dedicated to the complete Boerboel in character, health and conformation/type.

Boerboel Europe is the first European club and works together with Boerboel Australia (BAI Inc) and the North America Boerboel Breeders Association(NABBA Inc).

Boerboel Europe offers appraisals and temperament testing by international judges. Boerboel Europe maintains a Breed Registry that issues registration certificates and will include the results on conformation, health scores and title for both temperament and working.
Boerboel Europe will accept paperwork from all proven Boerboel Clubs around the world.


Type, conformation, functional efficiency and mentality are equally important in the evaluation of the Boerboel as a whole. The aim with the Breed Standard is to provide clear guidelines for breeders and judges to promote a singular vision of the ideal Boerboel.


Boerboel Europe has a neutral position compared to other Boerboel organisations. Every Boerboel with a pedigree can be accepted with Boerboel Europe For Boerboels without a known pedigree is the possibility to be appraised and registred in aspecial registrer.


Boerboel Europe offers you the standard forms needed to register or appraise your Boerboel.


Boerboel Europe organises many events. Some are monthly, some are annually. You can view our calender here.


The Boerboel breed is our priority

The goal of Boerboel Europe is to distinguish it self from other Boerboel breed associations, this without criticizing, but to handle very strict requirements by introducing breeding regulations and by laws that all members and dogs used for breeding must adhere to.

A Boerboel Europe pedigree guarantees that pups are bred by the breeding regulation.

To walk this path, we think to improve the current Boerboel population in any way.

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Mireille Bakker




Chris Boshoff



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Boerboel Europe - BEU - International representative Claudia Maurits

Claudia Maurits



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Ellen Habets




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Marcel Plock



German Rep. 

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