BEU Studservice Certificate

When a breeder makes use of a male or frozen seemen that does not belong to the owner of the female, this certificate must be completed and signed by the owner of the female as well as the owner of the male or frozen seemen.


The owner of the female must fill in this form together with all the healtcertificates of the female and male, copy of the pedigree of the female and male, DNA of the female and male and birth notification (all information about the pups; chipnumber, gender, date of birth, color and details owners).


It is recommended to put agreements about payments on paper and signed by both parties to avoid misunderstandings. Keep one copy for your own administration and forward one to the owner of the male.

The form below is only valid after printing and signing by both parties. 


The form below is only valid for BEU registration. Consequently, no rights can be derived from it, being by or for other Boerboel (breeding) organisations.

When a stud is used from another organisation, his stud certificate must be send to BEU.

  • Female information

  • Male information

  • Agreements on payment