Boerboel Europe has a neutral position compared to other Boerboel organisations.
Every Boerboel with a pedigree can be accepted with Boerboel Europe
For Boerboels without a known pedigree is the possibility to be appraised and registred in a special registrer.



Minimum age of the stud dog until 2022 must be 12 months and two weeks and completly healthtested. Dogs born after December 2021 must be 18 months and two weeks and completly healthtested. Cryptorchid and monorchide: monorchide or cryptorchid males are excluded from breeding. Artificial insemination: When a breeder is using the sperm of a still living or deceased sire, then the same rules are there if it was a natural mating.

Minimum age female: The female may at time of 1st cover not less than 18 months old.
Maximum age female:The female may not be mated after the day she is 8 years old.
Maximum age of first mating female: the female is not allowed to be breed with ,after she is 5 years old.
Periodicity litters: a female can have 1 litter in a period of 12 months and you’ll have to skip at least 1 heath between the matings.
A female may have a maximum of 5 litters in her life.
A cesarean section may be applied up to 3 times, then the female is excluded from breeding.


Compulsory tests: both parents should be examined for hip dysplasia and elbow deviations. Preferably according to the FCI, OFA and BVA norm. Hips testing according to the Penn Hip method is permitted. Patella Luxation and cruciate ligament must be tested to.The dogs must be free of ec and entropion and females free from Vaginal Prolaps. All breeding dogs must have a DNA profile on parenthood.

Official health testing is allowed after the age of 18 months

A dog with no proven genetic abnormality may be covered with a dog that already has given sufficient offspring which these problems do not or hardly have revealed.
Dogs that produce offspring with serious congenital abnormalities, may not be used for breeding.

The testresults should preferably before, but up to 3 weeks after mating send to the secretary of Boerboel Europe. The results of both parents must HD-A -HD C . For elbows applies ED 0-0 . ED 0-1  is allowed but only with a E D0-0 partner. HD B and C, can only be mated with a HD- A dog. Dogs from Great Britain must be qualified according to the rules of the Kennel Club (BVA). In this position allowed ,if the sum of both hips is up to 10 with a maximum difference of 2 between both hips, this as A hipp is seen. If the hip score is between 10 and 25 have only mating with A hips is allowed. More than 25 BVA may not be bred. American dogs: OFA HD qualifications excellent, good and fair are allowed with the following restrictions fair and good dogs should be combined with HD A tested dogs. For dogs who are tested by the Penn Hip method ,is that there is no question of DJD or other abnormalities.

For Patella Luxation the dogs must be free (PL 0-0) PL 1-1 can only be mated with a PL 0-0 partner.
All Europe Boerboel club breeders are obliged to tell the medical problems of dogs they bred to transmit to the Secretariat for the database, also with the death of a dog and the reason, this should be passed to the secretary.

Boerboel Europe is entitled, at any time X-ray photographs of the research offered by the members, to request and by a vet / expert to reassess.
Boerboel Europe is entitled to visit member breeders to check litters and dogs at the member, breeders place, and is allowed to take any action in case of misbehavior.


Powder dogs can be bred, only with Powdergene free dogs,confirmed through DNA testing. Piebalds dogs can only be breed with solid color dogs
Black dogs CAN NOT be bred with blacks or blacks in background and one of both parents need to be free of powder gene. This to keep the bloodlines as authentic as possible and to prevent that solid blue pups will be born out of black.


Character Requirements: Both parents must meet the character requirements as described in the breed standard. With animals suffering from aggression, anxiety or nervousness should not be bred.


Qualification: Both parents must be qualified by BEU must have earned at least with good, preferable very good. Or with a percentage higher than 75% on the appraisal by other associations of a recognized Boerboel association. If this in a FCI or AKC show is the dog must have earned at least a very good
Apraissel: if due to an accident involving such a deviation from the breed standard, that a dog can not participate in an appraissel, the breeder can ask for an appraissel by a Boerboel Europe qualified judge and veterinarian requested. A request must be accompanied by an official statement issued by a veterinarian. The request should be addressed to the Board of Boerboel Europe which will take care for a qualified judge by the association, and a veteranarian.In case of not being able to participate in the annual appraissels a request for an appraissel from Boerboel in Europe can be requested.


Upon delivery day of the puppies the breeder cares for the proper worming, of at least 3 times and the proper vaccination of the pups according to current veterinary knowledge and a fully completed and signed by the veterinarian in a European Pet Passport.
Micro chipping of the pups is required.

Delivery puppies: the puppies can be delivered not earlier than at the age of 7 weeks.
Boerboel puppies from Boerboel Europe members are bound by the assembly approved a sales contract-guarantee proof when be sold..Faults such as umbilical hernia , dew claws, overbite, long hair and kinked tails ect are in the contract.
Boerboel Europe is entitled to carry out a nest inspection.
The breeder will inform prospective buyers about the common genetic disorders and behavioral problems within the breed. A healthinsurance will be adviced and possible health testing in the future to.


In all cases where these regulations do not fulfill, the board decided ,such as using a dog for breeding, that has not all the requires, confirm the regulations, but for specific reasons for a breeder is important, all this,can be with a well supported writing directed to the board.